Construction Company to Use AI Dash Cam

In a bid to increase the safety of drivers and the public, Colas will use a video-based safety solution which includes AI Dash Cams and driver coaching workflows.

By Joel Davies -

Samsara, a provider of video-based safety solutions, which includes an AI dash cam, has partnered with Colas Ltd, an award-winning business delivering sustainable solutions for the UK’s transport infrastructure, to improve fleet safety.

Colas SA works in road construction and transport infrastructure, currently managing more than 800 vehicles and assets in the UK. As part of their commitment to safety, Colas will leverage Samsara’s video-based safety solution, including AI Dash Cams and driver coaching workflows, to increase visibility into driver behaviour and proactively aim to prevent accidents before they occur. Thus far, Colas has been able to gain a more accurate assessment of risk within their fleet and are proactively coaching drivers as a result.

“We are delighted to be working with Samsara to take our driver safety to the next level”, said Faical Lahmamsi, Executive Director at Colas Ltd. “Samsara’s technology will enable us to coach and support our drivers on safe practices as well as give us a standardised approach to incident review and monitoring”.

Samsara’s video-based safety solution uses sensors and AI-enabled cameras to help customers like Colas understand in real-time potential issues on the road, including distracted driving, harsh braking, acceleration and turning, as well as tailgating. Customers can use this information to coach and protect drivers and lower operating expenses including fuel costs and unnecessary insurance claims.

Samsara’s technology improves driver behaviour through audible in-cab alerts when drivers are engaged in high-risk behaviours or events. Safety reports and easy-to-use workflows, such as driver safety scores and risk analyses, also enable driver coaching at scale. In addition, the Samsara Driver mobile app helps organisations incentivize safe driving and establish driver-centric gamification to reward employees for maintaining expected driving standards.

AI Dash cam
Colas vehicles on-site, which will now be fitted with Samsara’s sensors and AI-enabled cameras. Image: Colas.

“As companies continue to accelerate their digital transformation efforts and look for tools to increase the safety of their operations, video-based solutions that leverage AI to automate the detection of unsafe behaviours will make a significant impact”, explained Philip van der Wilt, VP of EMEA at Samsara. “We’re thrilled to be working with Colas and look forward to providing them with the insights and real-time data they need to keep their drivers safe”.

In addition to building a fleet safety program, Colas will leverage Samsara’s Connected Operations Platform to gain real-time visibility across their fleet, ensuring greater productivity through fuel and maintenance planning, asset and equipment monitoring, and cost reduction. Colas will now also have the ability to defend drivers in real-time against accident-related false claims, protecting employees, the business and public safety.

With this partnership, Colas joins more than 20,000 customers using Samsara today to improve the efficiency, safety and sustainability of their operations.

You can find more information about Samsara and Colas on their respective websites.

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