Incorporating Emerges From Stealth After $52m Funding

By Joel Davies -

California-based computer vision company,, has emerged from stealth to introduce its first computer vision intelligence platform following a $52 million venture funding round. is a computer vision intelligence company within enterprise security operations that aims to prevent security incidents before they happen. The platform applies AI and computer vision intelligence to existing sensor and camera infrastructure to deliver continuous physical security monitoring and automate the immediate dispatch of human resources.

Founded in 2017 by CEO Shikhar Shrestha and CTO Vikesh Khanna, has pioneered a new category of software called computer vision intelligence (CVI), which goes beyond the capabilities of motion and deep learning video analytics. CVI can analyze and contextualize information, historical patterns, and real-time activities to automatically understand human behaviour and detect real-time threats. Layered onto existing camera hardware, the platform applies CVI to unlock real-time risk alerts, graph-based forensic search, immediate mobile dispatch, and operational dashboards that enable 10X faster response times than traditional manual methods.

“To date, video analytics solutions detect motion and identify objects but fail to improve security operations because they cannot understand the context of human behaviours in a scene, severely limiting the capabilities of these analytics to generate situational awareness. This poses a barrier to automation and has resulted in a purely reactive approach to physical security”, said Shikhar Shrestha.

“Today, we’re introducing computer vision intelligence to the world, unlocking near human-level visual perception with a context-aware understanding of scenarios. This technology allows organizations to identify potential incidents before they happen and dispatch security professionals in real-time. Our breakthrough computer vision intelligence platform will forever change how security operation centres process and analyze video data, transforming their operations to prevent incidents before they happen”.

The $52 million funding round was led by a16z and launched with five of the “largest US tech companies” by market capitalization and “multiple Fortune 500 customers” across a variety of other industries, according to The companies are unnamed.’s technology is already used in large enterprises, schools, and museums to secure property, people, and assets. The company states that in current production implementations, “reduces false alarms by 99%” whilst alerting customers to “more than 200 dispatch-worthy incidents each week” that once required human intervention.

“Physical security is often overlooked in today’s digital world”, said Martin Casado, General Partner at a16z. “ is transforming the way we view physical security through cutting-edge computer vision intelligence. Enterprise security operations can use’s platform to monitor and protect their environments from more than 100 proprietary threat signatures and will automatically be notified of any suspicious activity”.

You can find more information about, its new computer vision intelligence platform and the $52 million venture funding round on its website.

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