Day-to-Day AI to Be Used by British Army for First Time

The Army will have the information and knowledge from decades of training and operations available to them via Adarga's AI-powered Knowledge Platform™.

By Joel Davies -

Adarga, developers of artificial intelligence (AI) software for Defence and National Security, has been awarded a contract to deliver its AI-powered Knowledge Platform™ to the British Army for an extended Capability Concept Demonstrator. The UK-developed software platform will enable the Army to use the growing amount of data at its disposal to increase the effectiveness of its operations.

The multimillion-pound software licence is the Field Army’s first deployment of AI in day-to-day use. Adarga calls this “a significant development following the recent Integrated Review in which the UK Government committed to investing in new and emerging technologies to modernise Defence capability and enable the UK to maintain a competitive edge over its adversaries”.

Robert Bassett Cross, CEO of Adarga, said: “In today’s competitive and uncertain world, data and information are more of a strategic asset than ever before. Making sense of and understanding all of this available information underpins everything the British Army does and is vital to the success or failure of operations. Adarga is proud to be supporting the British Army in this first important, real-world application of AI”.

Adarga’s AI platform, incorporating cutting-edge data science technology, will help extend the army’s human capability to solve complex data problems and digitise time and knowledge-intensive tasks. Mission-critical insights and hidden data connections can be identified by the platform in seconds, presenting information that may have otherwise been missed or would have required weeks to find through human analysis.

Adarga AI British Army
Robert Bassett Cross, CEO of Adarga. Image: Adarga.

Adarga’s Knowledge Platform™ fuses a variety of data formats from across a range of disparate Army sources and data repositories, combining these with other real-world, open-source data in a single software platform. The platform uses high-fidelity AI models, trained to understand and analyse complex defence and national security data, to convert data sources and incoming, real-time information feeds into readily accessible knowledge.

The platform creates an ever-growing, interconnected digital picture, drawing complex links between critical pieces of information. The user interface provides a single view in which to explore the knowledge – including videos and foreign language documents that have been transcribed and translated by the platform. Along with visualisations of their topics of interest such as event timelines, network builders, graphs and maps, machine-generated document summaries and reports, suggested and corroborated reading on topics of interest are also given.

“Harnessing AI technology provides Army users with a powerful capability to overcome the challenges of more traditional time and knowledge-intensive methods of enabling understanding and highlights the Army’s innovative approach and ambition to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving operating environment. Working closely with our partners in the Field Army, the deployment of Adarga’s AI platform has been pivotal in deciphering vast quantities of complex data at speed and scale, providing the context, insight and foresight required to drive effective decision making”, concluded Cross.

You can find more information about Adarga on its website.

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