Disrupt-X & Intel Partner on World’s First Water and Air Quality Monitoring IoT Platform

Disrupt-X and Intel IoT Partner to create "Ignite Shield".

By Joel Davies -

Disrupt-X, a Dubai-based IoT Development Company, announces their first Global Launch of Ignite Shield in partnership with Intel IoT Alliance. The solution is hosted on Amazon Web Services using Intel Architecture.

Ignite Shield is a full-stacked IoT Solution that can be scaled from a Single Asset up to City Level. It includes Smart Outdoor and Indoor Air Quality Monitoring, Smart Water Infrastructure Monitoring (Water Leakage with Data breakdown), Swimming Pool Monitoring, SPA Monitoring, Water Tanks Monitoring and Water Pressure Monitoring from Single Homes to Buildings and Communities.

Using a Portfolio Dashboard up to City level, Alarms can be raised for Government Authorities, Facility Management Companies, Operators or individual End-users. Solutions use Long Life Battery devices (up to 7 years) with the latest communications protocols as Sigfox /5G/4G/ LoraWAN etc.

Intel Enterprise and Public Sector Manager for Gulf region Mr Adib Rajji said, “We strive to provide Disrupt-X with what they need so they can focus on their success with their customers and business. At Intel, we enable an early solution development engagement so partners can take advantage of Intel’s leading-edge technology and Edge to cloud offerings”.

The companies say these IoT cloud-based solutions have a robust web platform and mobile application supported on both iOS and Android devices which are hosted on AWS using Intel Architecture using AI, machine learning and Deep Learning to compute the data and give analytics.

Disrupt-X has previously worked on an IoT solution to reduce the spread of COVID-19 through its integrated digital technology. Using its proprietary technology, developed by deep learning experts, some former employees of Google, Microsoft and Accenture, the Smart Worker COVID-19 proximity solution includes a smart wearable device that can help maintain social distancing practices and allows for detailed contact tracing.

Disrupt-X’s Smart Worker COVID-19 proximity solution. Image: Disrupt-X

Disrupt-X CEO Mr Yaseen AlJaizani said, “It’s exciting to be at the forefront of IoT based technology, with our new products and solutions offering real practical life optimising uses such as air quality monitoring and water monitoring. Backed by intel power enables seamless processing power and facilitating city-wide rollout”.

Intel has been in the headlines lately with its chief executive, Pat Gelsinger, weighing in on the global chip shortage. Gelsinger told the BBC it was not “palatable” to have so many chips made in Asia. Attempting to solve the computer chip shortage, Intel recently announced a $20bn plan to expand production, including the creation of two new plants in Arizona.

Disrupt-X was founded in 2018 to support the vast growth of technology and digitalisation through the continuous development of smart solutions that bring outstanding evolution within various industry productivity.

You can find more information about Ignite Shield by Disrupt-X and Intel on its website.

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