Innodisk to Release Blockchain SSD

The increasing ubiquity of AI in everyday applications brings with it concerns regarding data integrity and validation.

By Joel Davies -

Innodisk’s new-patented blockchain technology brings to its latest SSD solution “InnoBTSTM SSD”, which the company say alleviates these concerns through the sophisticated use of digital signature and blockchain that is fully software independent.

Innodisk states its new solution combines blockchain technology to secure the valuable data in recent IoT scenarios, such as POS systems at unmanned stores, smart meters and digital ID cards. The important data written to the SSD will create an encrypted hash string that corresponds to the specific data set, and the encrypted hash string is spread on the blockchain network, essentially creating a decentralized ledger that is distributed between numerous unique computers. The process is to make the encrypted hash string to be “chained” on the blockchain network. If tampering happens, the chained data is checked with an encrypted hash string on the network, showing any discrepancies.

The InnoBTSTM SSD incorporates a hardware-run digital signature. Through the sophisticated use of private and public keys given to each file that is sent, the receiver can always verify the correct sender. The SSD creates and secures the private key within an internal safety zone, ensuring maximum private key security. Only the public key will be available for anyone to verify the correct sender.

The InnoBTSTM SSD series also benefits from blockchain technology and data streaming that combine to create a solution for data integrity at the edge. This removes the need for software to ease system integration and strengthens data integrity by moving the functions to the more inaccessible SSD firmware. Innodisk’s solution allows for blockchain setup for edge applications that is not reliant on software and connects numerous devices to the blockchain network.

The InnoBTSTM SSD is suitable for cutting-edge AI applications such as smart cities, smart vehicles, smart factories, and intelligent surveillance.

Developing solutions like its blockchain, Innodisk has expanded its business successfully. The company most recently announced a new partnership with Avalue, with the goal of bringing AIoT to Taipei City streets. This AIoT solution includes EPS-APL from Avalue and the InnoAGE SSD from Innodisk, and enables AI recognition with smart cameras for object detection, behaviour identification, and traffic flow monitoring making traffic easier to manage.

The partnership will enter a project on signal control systems run by the Taipei City Department of Transportation. The system is enabled by using the innovative InnoAGE SSD, the out-of-band management enabled by Innodisk, and the in-band management from the Avalue RS2 solution. The IoT infrastructure will be equipped with dual-band management with more reliable and smarter edge devices. With out-of-band signalling, remote recovery is readily available even for devices that have suffered severe issues such as data corruption and operating system failure.

The integrated solution from Innodisk and Avalue will provide adjustable real-time traffic signal control based on the intelligent sensing of the traffic flow further improving traffic convenience and safety for both vehicles and pedestrians. The end goal of this solution is to collect data to conduct computing processes and analysis, ultimately reducing traffic jams by 10-15% and lowering communication costs by 85%.

“The partnership between Avalue and Innodisk is crucial to building AIoT ecosystems. Avalue’s innovative technology is combined with the out-of-band management capabilities of InnoAGE, which is packed with reliable industrial-grade components and technologies, and is carefully designed to meet the strictest of industrial requirements,” Innodisk President, Randy Chien said. “Together, we create a reliable integrated solution to our global customers.”

Innodisk is a service-driven provider of flash memory, DRAM modules, and embedded peripheral products for industrial and enterprise applications across a range of industries.

You can find more information about Innodisk on its website.

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