Norwegian Tech to Create Digital Twin for Lockheed Martin

The Norwegian specialists in data exchange and sharing team up with the American giant to develop a product that includes solutions such as a digital twin.

By Joel Davies -

Jotne EPM Technology, Norwegian data exchange and sharing specialist for the Defence, Aeronautics, Oil & Gas, Built Environment and Aerospace industries is working with Lockheed Martin Aeronautics to enhance and deploy an open standards-based, trusted and certified digital repository. It will support product lifecycle data interoperability, reducing Technical Data Package (TDP) management, and delivery cost.

TDPs are contractually required digital products that are delivered with aircraft. Jotne’s effort for Lockheed Martin expands and extends a repository of the data from engineering, simulation, manufacturing, testing, maintenance, and logistics, for parts and assemblies included in the Technical Data Packages for each aircraft system.

“By improving the time required to generate and assimilate a Technical Data Package, we can significantly reduce cycle times and costs while improving quality. Standards-Based TDP is a key enabler for reducing the operational cost of Technical Data Package management. It will focus on affordability and will be tied to key processes and initiatives important to Lockheed Martin. Jotne’s TDP project is helping Lockheed Martin achieve business goals and objectives”, said Dr Michael Jahadi at Lockheed Martin.

Jotne believes standards-based TDPs will streamline manufacturing and sustainment processes and reduce operational costs. As an increasing number of organizations invest in model-based engineering, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, a robust TDP solution enables the use of the Digital Twin within and between collaborating companies, as well as across the lifecycle.

Jotne Lockheed Martin
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics is also helping NASA’s Lucy Space Probe get to Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids. Here, its propulsion tank is pictured in Lockheed Martin’s cleanroom. Image: Lockheed Martin.

“When realizing Digital Twin software solutions, use of standards as part of their DNA ensures that you can share Digital Twin models between suppliers and partners with diverse systems. In addition, with the Accenture 2021 Insight report stating that ‘87% of executives agree that Digital Twins are becoming essential to their organization’s ability to collaborate in strategic ecosystem partnerships’, we are on the right track”, says Dr Remi Lanza, product owner at Jotne.

Jotne says one of the main challenges when realizing a Digital Twin is the development of flexible systems that will scale, and at the same time provide interoperability for downstream applications. In the collaboration between Jotne and Lockheed Martin, the TDP project utilizes the international standard ISO 10303 (STEP), a Data Exchange software product that Jotne has worked with since 1994. In particular, the company’s suite of products is based upon the EXPRESS Data Manager™ (EDM) utilizing ISO standards.

The company has also previously implemented open and publicly available international standards to avoid silo implementation and vendor lock-in whilst enabling smart data exchange, sharing and archiving solutions, and increased visibility to customers and the supply chain.

You can find more information about Jotne and Lockheed Martin on their respective websites.

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