Pepperl+Fuchs Adds EtherCAT® Interface to WCS Absolute Positioning System

By Joel Davies -

Pepperl+Fuchs has added an integrated EtherCAT® interface to its WCS absolute positioning system to optimize the speed of data transmission and the display of position data.

The new interface is an optimization of the absolute positioning system introduced in 1989. The system combines a stainless steel or plastic code rail with photoelectric sensors for scanning and precise and dynamic positioning. Even on curved tracks, inclines, declines, interruptions or switches, the WCS can reliably detect the position of traversing carriages and conveyor vehicles. With the new Fieldbus interface, the WCS read head transmits the detected position value to the PLC in real-time.

The WCS position encoding system is robust and suited for use in demanding conditions and the outdoors as can be found in elevator construction and container ports or galvanic plants. With its U-shaped design, the WCS read head is resistant to ambient light and can read dirty code rails due to the infrared LED. In addition, the noncontact photoelectric scanning protects the WCS against wear.

Depending on the requirements, users can select the appropriate read head, the suitable code rail made of plastic or stainless steel, and the corresponding mounting system. Different product variants enable precise adaptation to the existing conditions. For example, the read head with an integrated EtherCAT interface is available with an extended temperature range that allows it to be used in extremely cold environments with temperatures down to –40 °C. The WCS read heads are not only available with an EtherCAT interface, but also with a number of other integrated interfaces, such as RS-485, SSI and CANopen.

Find more information about Pepperl+Fuchs and the addition of the integrated EtherCAT® interface to its WCS absolute positioning system on its website.

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