Persevering is important

By Spencer Freitas -

It is no secret that we are facing a combination of significant and unique challenges. We are heading into autumn and under constant siege from media reports that do nothing for confidence and wellbeing. One could be forgiven for thinking it might be best to hibernate and hunker down for the long haul, and wait for the whole thing to blow over.

Yet during the pandemic technologies are playing a crucial role in keeping our society functioning.

Moore’s law is dead, the notion that the number of transistors on a microchip doubles every two years has become harder and harder to achieve as chip components get closer and closer to that of individual atoms. A new paradigm is emerging – tentatively named Huang’s Law, after Nvidia’s chief executive and co-founder Jensen Huang, who describes how chips that power artificial intelligence are doubling in performance every two years, with their latest GPU performance closer to tripled.

This progress is enabling some of the most radical changes to the way we are keeping society functioning in times of lockdowns and quarantines: online shopping, online entertainment, big data enabled supply chain management, delivery drones, medical robotics and telepresence, distance learning – even simply staying in touch with family and loved ones.

All of these have an element in common; they rely on robust, reliable and high-speed communications. Whether wide area mobile and wireless networks such as the upcoming 5G and millimetre wave systems and also local, integration level with PCIe 4.0, 10Gb and 25Gb Ethernet, Infiniband, USB 3.2 Gen 2 and others, right down to board-to-board connectivity with higher and higher throughput requirements for FFC products, we can see common traits in the interconnect requirements.

At Alysium, we continuously embrace these new challenges, bringing new products into the market to satisfy the insatiable demand for speed and reliability, dovetailed with industry specific requirements like dust or water proof, robotic and C-track high flex life and extended assembly lengths. Integrating all these requirements into affordable products is our contribution to ensuring that all your enhanced requirements are met and that you can in turn, extend your competitive advantage.

Recent examples of new product releases include a new M12 x-coded 90D plug, supporting 10GigE with the smallest form factor. We have also recently concluded a new raw cable development for 12G Coaxpress assemblies, and introduced new material to support legacy CameraLink™ assemblies at a lower cost. In the field of optical products, Alysium introduced both CLHS (10G per lane) and USB Gen1 AOC assemblies some years ago, to ensure that extended length and / or high flex options still exist, beyond the technical limits of copper. These products have also been continuously improved, with the latest CLHS AOC assemblies being rated for 14G per lane, in a smaller form factor.

Progress in technology will undoubtedly have an impact lasting long beyond Covid-19. Progress will not waiting for anyone. We keep on building and making progress. We keep on persevering. Let us help you to make your next project be a bigger success.

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