SynSense Announces Technological Exploration With BMW

By Joel Davies -

The neuromorphic intelligence and solutions provider, SynSense, has announced that it will advance the integration of neuromorphic chips, smart cockpits and explore related fields with BMW.

SynSense was founded in 2017 in Zurich, Switzerland, and moved its headquarters to China in 2020. With founding members from the Institute of Neuroinformatics (INI) in Zurich, Synsense specializes in IoT real-time signal processing and AI edge computing and develops neuromorphic technology algorithms and hardware designs.

This exploration with BMW in the area of neuromorphic technology will focus on SynSense’s visual intelligence SoC, “Speck”, which combines SynSense’s low-power SNN vision processor with an event-based sensor. It performs both neuromorphic sensing and computing and utilizes a full asynchronous circuit design. It can be used to capture real-time visual information, recognize and detect objects, and perform other vision-based detection and interaction functions.

“Unlike traditional solutions, neuromorphic technology simulates biological neural systems. It is an innovation in the architecture of chips, and has features such as low end-to-end latency, extremely low power consumption, and real-time sensing and computing”, said Ning Qiao, founder and CEO of SynSense.

“Speck doesn’t need caches or additional cameras. It can capture visual event information, process real-time information computing, and conduct smart scene analysis with less than 1 milliwatt of power consumption and with 5-10 millisecond end-to-end latency”, the CEO added.

This marks the entry point for the application of SynSense’s technology into smart cockpits, which will capture operationally relevant data and only consume power whilst the event triggers computing. SynSense says that it will continue to focus on smart cockpit core technology and will explore smart applications related to automobiles, targeting short, medium, and long-term applications.

Find more information about SynSense and its technological exploration with BMW on its website.

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