Teledyne e2v and Yumain Announce Collaboration on AI-Based Imaging Solutions

The companies aim to develop cutting-edge, bio-inspired vision solutions that can enable innovation in industrial applications.

By Joel Davies -

Teledyne e2v and Yumain believe AI has rapidly demonstrated its benefits for the imaging industry, proving more adaptable than traditional rule-based methods which can be poorly suited to applications with high variability. Yet many obstacles present themselves to AI in the industry. They include needing to provide reliable results, be flexible in application, secure, low power and able to be set up and trained quickly without prior knowledge.

Marc Benoit, Managing Director of Yumain, backs AI to step up. He said, ‘Edge AI, as we know it today, consists of the optimization of machine learning models and computation inherited from the cloud. We have 10 years of experience in this field, which has shown us that alternative implementations of AI could be more suitable and scalable for the constraints of factory and production lines.’

The pair take different approaches to the imaging industry. Teledyne e2v is a global innovator of imaging solutions that enable developments in healthcare, life sciences, space, transportation, defence and security and industrial markets. Yumain is a private company based in Dijon, France that design and manufacture intelligent vision systems and cameras for Industry 4.0 with a focus on predictive maintenance, quality control, industrial robots and risk prevention. Combined, the two offer wide-reaching expertise.

Vincent Hector, Vice President of Market Development at Teledyne e2v emphasised the benefits of collaborating. He stated, ‘Our image sensor capability coupled with their tailored AI expertise will allow us to develop AI-based vision solutions which will be easily accessible for industrial customers and bring real benefits to their applications. We’re very excited to be collaborating with Yumain on this innovative project.’

Together, Teledyne e2v and Yumain plan to develop significant breakthrough innovations to address the challenges presented to AI, making it more accessible and advancing both the technology and imaging industry.

You can find more information about the collaboration here. For more from MVPro, click here.

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