What We Do

As we enter the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), it's become clear that a primary accelerator of this new age is automation, which has enabled computing and computer vision, machine vision, robotics and a host of other related industries and their technologies to flourish.

Our mission at Automate Pro Europe as a B2B publication is to find and report on the global events and companies that keep automation moving forward. As you can imagine, this means we're busy and could never cover every story from each industry or sector that contributes to automation.

Instead, we focus on the three industries we believe contribute the most to and are affected the most by advancements in automation - computer vision, machine vision and robotics. That is why we run three separate but connected publications called CVPro (computer vision), MVPro (machine vision) and RoboPro (robotics).

All three publications are specialised branches that feed our main news hub, Automate Pro Europe. That is why you will find a mixture of daily content from the three websites on Automate Pro Europe's homepage, which is our main hub where the best news, features and interviews from each publication go.

UK-based, we cover global news but with a European flavouring. So, not only will we tell you when a robot touches the bottom of the South China Sea or NASA's probes find life on Mars, but if there’s AI in Austria, infrared imaging in Iceland and collaborative robots in Romania, you’ll be the first to know.

We produce daily news articles on each website, making us one of the most prolific publication of its kind in Europe and a weekly Friday newsletter featuring a round-up of the week's news. We also publish a bi-monthly magazine, made entirely of exclusive articles starring the biggest and best names in the industry you cannot read about anywhere else.

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